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Read Your Insurance Policy Documents for Saving on Additional Costs

Monday, November 29th, 2010

The car insurance sector has been facing a tough time amidst the current downturn. A recent research shows that about 70% of the insurance companies in UK would charge you without much thought if you thought about ending your policy on a premature basis. This has been a 22% increase since the year 2004. It […]

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Children Face Dangerous Roads as Motorists Face Higher Insurance Premiums

Friday, November 26th, 2010

The car insurance sector has a tough time ahead with more of the impending issues coming to the limelight. In a recent survey which was held in relation with the Road Safety Week, it was found that more of the children in UK have become wary of the car drivers. The survey conducted by Swinton […]

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Do Not Settle For the First Insurance Policy Served to You, Warn Experts

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

If you are among the one looking for car insurance, this piece may be of concern to you. The experts in the insurance supermarket have asked the insurance seekers to compare car insurance for finding lower insurance prices and having done so, have been asked to ensure that they do not immediately settle for the […]

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Shopping for Insurance Online? Some Tips to Beat the Insurance Blues

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Getting a car insurance cover varies with the profile of a person. If you are a married woman with children, chances are likely that you will have an edge over your insurance cover than that of your husband’s. With the inception of the online insurance rates, the insurance sector has been readied with enthusiasm to […]

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Customer Satisfaction the Biggest Criterion for Selecting Insurance Company

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

In a new research, it has been seen that about 56% of the car insurance customers have the habit of sticking with their insurance company. The practice is pretty common with the insurance customers in UK where they stay with the company with which they had insurance cover the previous year showing their loyalty towards […]

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Increase in Number of Auto Insurance Seekers

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

The car insurance sector has been struggling to come to terms with the economy cuts. It has been seen that the advice from the sector to compare car insurance has finally been taken into serious consideration. In a recent report from the reputed shows that the number of people has gradually realised how much […]

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Your Credit Score is Important for a Lower Insurance Premium

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

A new study shows that the credit score plays an important role in deciding what sort of insurance benefits that you may receive. Furthermore, if you have already decided on the car that you want for yourself, it is better to take time to consider again. It seems that the better you compare car insurance, […]

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Lying to Get an Insurance Payout- Think Again

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

It has been estimated that there are about two million uninsured car drivers currently driving on the UK roads. The troubling part of the issue that it has been highly difficult for the respective authorities to find out the culprits- driving without insurance cover being one among the offences in UK. Another of the rising […]

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Thinking of Which Insurance Cover to Get?

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

If you have been wanting to get car insurance and probably confused as to which insurance type would help you the best, it is likely that this article would be of the desired help. First, you need to understand that with the current scenario in the insurance sector, it is essential to choose the right […]

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Be Wary of the Winter Car Crimes Warns Insurance Giant

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

One of the prominent insurance companies in UK has come out in order to warn the UK motorists to be wary of the winter car crimes that may take a shoot this winter. Winter car crimes are a part of every economy and their proclivity increases during the end of the year. As the dark […]

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