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Be prepared! Top 10 things you should keep handy in your car

Marking the beginning of August, I am trying to comprehend more practical and useful things for my reader. I know I have been very informative in the last month, but now I want to serve something that is simple and useful. Starting with the tips, I would like to tell some really important things that we fail to find when we need them the most. For me, my glasses top this list. Let’s see what you need to keep in your car so that you are sorted at times of emergency.

Things that you should keep handy in your car:

  1. Torch light or flash light: Firstly, I personally don’t suggest travelling at night, but you never know what time can make you do. So, always carry a flash light in your car for the dark nights. Also make sure that the batteries are charged.
  2. Insurance papers and car registration documents: I don’t mean to carry the original file of documents to be carried to and froth home every day. But I insist that everyone should make photocopies of all the documents related to car insurance policy and vehicle ownership, compile them in a folder and place them permanently in the car.
  3. Extra phone charger: This should actually be at the top of the list, but not everyone is cell phone savvy like me. So let the charger be at number 3. It becomes impossible to reach anyone in case of emergencies if your cell phone battery gets discharged. So, have it handy.
  4. First aid kit: Not asking to be over-protective or medically concerned but applying bandages on minor bruises gives great relief. Trust me on this. Replace the medications regularly and make sure that your kit has at least the minimum requirements like bandages, antiseptic ointments, and cotton buds.
  5. Tools or repair kit: This is something that every responsible individual will carry in the car. But people like me fail to change even a flat tyre because they lack to carry even the most basic tools like car jack and lug wrench. So be careful about the tools you would need.
  6. Sticky notes: I am moving forward to the awkward part of the list, but trust me it makes things easier. Sticky notes can be used to leave your phone number if you have to park your car at some strange places due to emergencies. Or leave note for other car owners like your call back number or other details.
  7. Extra cash: I make it a point to keep at least 100 bucks in my seat cover. Because there are times when you might forget to grab your wallet if you are going to pick someone. Keeping change in your car can save you from getting embarrassed at times.
  8. Pen, paper and tissue: A pen and paper should also be kept handy because these are the most common things you can’t find when you need them the most even in your home. Tissues are the greatest savior when someone turns messy in your car.
  9. Fire extinguisher, water bottle: Now some safety tips. Though carrying a fire extinguisher is one of the most common safety measure advised by law, most of us fail to abide by it. Carry an extra water bottle in your car for safety.
  10. Bag of chips. No comments on this one 🙂

Article written by the marketing division of Car Insurance Wizard

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