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Aviva all set to launch new “pay how you drive” smart-phone app

Apps are the new buzz in the IT field. The whole new genre of iphone and android smart phones has opened doors to entire new world of development. Initially having a website was necessary for a business to bloom because the world was moving internet. But now there is a new turn in this story. Smartphones have replaced desktops and laptops, and have taken over every palm. So this is alarming signal for all the business seeking geeks to get their apps developed to increase the connectivity with the people. I am also giving it a thought, what type of app I can get for my site? Any suggestions please let them flow out in the comments.

Coming back to the topic, I was about to talk about the new app to be launched by Aviva. It is named as “RateMyDrive”. And as the name suggests it will be used to calculate premiums for drivers depending on the score they grab in their app test. So now your scores will determine what you are supposed to pay for the next term. The app is going through its third stage of trial. It uses driver’s behavioral pattern including braking, acceleration and cornering for a ride of around 200 miles. Based on this data, a score is given to the driver which forms the basis of premium calculation. Safe drivers with better scores can qualify for up to 20% discount on their premium rates.

Steve Treloar, retail director of the company quoted “We believe that this innovative use of smartphone technology will be beneficial for all the safe drivers and help them save more regardless of age or gender”.  He also specified that this app requires very small amount of data to process results. App is free to download and will function on an individual’s smartphone. So drivers don’t need to have black box installed, instead can go for this affordable alternative.

By now, Aviva RateMyDrive has been tested on staff and workers. Company is looking for 5000 motorists to do a research on this app. So all the motorists with smartphones get ready for the race but drive carefully.

For further details about the app and how to use it visit company website now:

Article written by the marketing division of Car Insurance Wizard

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