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Beware! UK government is hunting for the uninsured drivers

UK government has taken up the charge of cleaning Britain roads. A recent study shows that around 1.2 million drivers are uninsured from around 34 million drivers in UK. That accounts for the shocking figure of 1 out of every 25 drivers being not covered while on the road.

Police began the scavenger hunt from West Midlands and seized around millions cars driving on the road without any coverage. Analyst blames the highest concentration of worst postal codes in West Midlands as the main reason behind this huge number. It solely accounts for 60% of the total worst postal codes in UK, West Yorkshire is ranking on second position with 25%. Drivers are obliged to pay high premium rates to get coverage for their vehicles in areas of worst postal codes while some companies may plainly deny their application.

To be more precise, recent reports out by MIB (Motor Insurer’s Bureau) show that Bordesley in Birmingham accounts for the highest concentration of uninsured drivers. So every eighth innocent driver in Birmingham is likely to get hit by an uninsured driver. This is high enough to threaten life of drivers who pay huge amount of money to cover their lives and vehicles.

The main reason behind this clean up drive initiated by the government was the increase in number of accidents on the roads. And in most cases innocent drivers suffers financial as well as physical damage when involved in an accident with an uninsured driver. And this again adds up to increase the premium rates.

In order to cease this completely, UK government needs to take harsher actions against the uninsured motorists. Lenient penalties will not decrease this number.

Police seized around 5900 uninsured vehicles in West midlands alone in the first half of this fiscal year. Researchers suspect that there is much more to come. And insurance companies hope that offenders will learn a  honest lesson from this campaign.

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