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First week was a chartbuster in the history of car accidents

Metrics were shocking enough to bring a cold shiver to car insurance market. A market research by AXA has shown that the first week of September has been the worst week for accidents for the third time now.

More specifically, first of September marked almost 45% of the total accident claims that would be filed throughout the summer season. This is definitely a huge figure. Physicians blame the heat for this figure. Increase in temperature definitely adds up to increase resistance for safe driving. But the figure is definitely alarming.

After reading the news, I decided to throw away some tips for my readers on how they can drive safe this September and enjoy their drives or weekend tours.

Tip# 1 Divide your journey into smaller sections by planning small breaks or halts at subways or fuel stations. Don’t let yourself get tired of driving. Stop every now and then, and have a sip of cold drink.

Tip# 2 Prepare a check list before you leave for the ride. Check fuel tank, water level, brake oil, gears, tyres, tool box, etc. All these things should top your priority list, because highways get bad in summers.

Tip# 3 Also make it a point to assure that your breakdown cover or car insurance policies are active and updated. Carry a copy of documents with you and don’t forget the emergency numbers.

Tip# 4 Carry sufficient quantities of water and eatables with you if you plan to go on a journey with your kids. Unhappy kids are a big distraction. Have loads of snacks and comic books to keep them happy and engaged.

Tip# 5 Last but not the least, make sure that your cell phones are completely charged up.

Have a happy and safe September!

Article written by the marketing division of Car Insurance Wizard

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