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New Car Launches 2012 UK

In the recent years, there’s been a swing of new car launches in UK. Now there are various new cars due to be launched in 2012. Ford has come up with its more refined and stylish car, the Zetec S. This car is worth a look since it has an option of sporty engines and exclusive body styling kit. 1.6 180 PS is the present quickest focus and the most imposing of the engines. Car has eco-boost engine which is why it delivers great power.

When it comes to car launches in 2012, there is something for everybody and to meet all your needs and budget. Car manufacturers will be launching all types of cars. As an instance, if you have a family, you can take a look at the reliable Vauxhall Zafira Tourer. And if you like sports car, you can check out Kia Optima which was out in January. This new model of Kia is longer and wider in comparison to older models.

With increased auto maintenance cost and fuel prices sky-rocket, small cars have become quite popular these days. Auto manufacturers have realized this thing and are keen to launch small cars this year. These latest small cars have a lot of provide. These cars also have strong engine, sleek and stylish design. New Suzuki Swift Sport is one such example of small car launched by Suzuki. It provides the feeling of stability to the driver that you will usually find in larger automobiles. It has a stocky grille on the front which gives the sporty performance and feel.

The next big launch ahead is Toyota Yaris. It has spacious interior and compact exterior which make it the most affordable models releasing this year. Apart from these cars, there will be other cars coming out this year such as Audi’s series, BMW’s forthcoming mini series, Bajaj Ultra low cost automobile and many more.

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